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Lone Star Lubricants for Military

Anti Seize Compound is a general purpose extreme pressure lubricating paste containing a high concentration of molybdenum disulfide in petrolatum. This product is designed for use in applications involving heavy loads and slow speeds resulting in boundary lubrication conditions. Under these conditions the molybdenum disulfide forms a firmly adherent film, which prevents galling and seizing and exhibits a low coefficient of friction.

LS-116 has been formulated to meet military specification MIL-T-83483.
Discontinued at this time LS-56 is an anti-seize compound consisting of a 50-50 mixture of petrolatum and graphite. It is electrically conductive. LS-56 conforms to MIL-T-5544.

The material is particularly useful for aircraft or other engine spark plugs. It is also useful for other high temperature anti-seize applications of threads.

The petrolatum used conforms to Specification AN-P-51.

The graphite used conforms to Federal Specification SS-G-659.
A grease that is a synthetic diester base grease fortified with molybdenum disulfide. It conforms to MIL-G-21164C (ASG).

The grease is designed with an extremely wide temperature operating range -100°F to +300°F (-73 to +149°C). It is useful as an anti-friction bearing lubricant as well as for sliding surfaces under moderate to heavy loads.

LS-62 grease has been used as a conveyor bearing lubricant in the frozen food industry at temperatures as low as -90°F. This grease has a USDA Grade H-2 rating.
A mixture of silicone fluid and molybdenum disulfide. It is formulated for use on sliding surfaces to 750°F and can be used as an anti-seize compound as high as 1400°F.

The molybdenum disulfide powder used in LS-63 meets the requirements fo Military Specification MIL-L-7866.

The silicone fluid used is a methyl phenyl polysiloxane.

This combination of high temperature silicone fluid carrier and the lubricating qualities of the molybdenum disulfide makes available a high temperature lubricating composition for use where other products fail.

LS-63 conforms to MIL-L-25681B (ASG.)
A silicone fluid filled with Molybdenum Disulfide to a semi-fluid consistency. The combination gives a continuous operating range from -64°F to +450°F with intermittent operation above 600oF. This product contains molybdenum disulfide which meets MIL-L-7866A. The high temperature characteristics of the silicone fluid coupled with the extreme pressure characteristics of the molybdenum disulfide allows the LS-68 to solve a wide range of lubrication problems.. It has excellent oxidation resistance and can be used on most materials with the exception of silicone rubbers.
A special grade of Molybdenum Disulfide of controlled particle size, which meets the requirements of SAE AMS-M-7855, the replacement for MIL- M-7866 .


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